My Life as a Con Artist, or
This One Time, When I Was at a Buffy Convention...

After listening to my friends rave about their experiences at various Buffy conventions, I finally decided to brave the outside world of fandom and attended my very first event in Cleveland. The following is a partial, but fairly detailed report of what went on during that weekend in Ohio. I hope to be updating this page as I find the time.

Cleveland Slayercon 2004

The particular venue I chose for my maiden voyage into the exciting world of conventions was sponsored by Vulkon Enterprises. They were hosting a Buffy convention in Cleveland, Ohio during the week of my daughter's Spring break from school, (April 23-25, 2004). With the main focus of my parenting obligations planning to attend a school based junket of her own in Florida, that meant that both my husband (Steve) and I were free to do as we pleased with our week while she was gone.

I started planning for the Slayer Con in Cleveland somewhere around January. We bought tickets for several of the events, splurging on the promoter's banquet where it was rumored that Anthony Stewart Head would not only be attending, but providing vocal entertainment as well. Later, I added the purchase of a photo shoot opportunity with Tony, with both myself and Steve in the picture. Then we were set, and there was little more to do than sit back and wait for the big day to eventually arrive.

One of the purposes of these celebrety attended events is to give the fans an opportunity to meet with the stars up close and personal, and to collect their autographs. The promoters offer a stock selection of photos that may be purchased for this, but I decided I wanted something more, something personal. I looked around the house, and chose a few items I had that meant something special to me, and that would increase in sentimental value if signed by Tony Head, or Nick Brendon. What I came up with was a songbook from the episode "Once More, With Feeling", another of Richard O'Brien's "Rocky Horror Picture Show" (featuring several photos of the London cast with Anthony Head), and a copy of the Simon & Schuster novel "The Journals of Rupert Giles" that held some sentimental value as I'd won in am official Buffy magazine contest.

Another related event that Vulkon was promoting in conjunction with the convention was a Sci-Fi and Fantasy Art Show, and an art contest. I was kind of hyped about the whole idea, but it had been a while since I'd done anything serious or professional, so I opted to enter the contest instead of the show, fearing my work might not be good enough. With that in mind, I set to sketching. What I came up with were two portraits. One of Tony Head, the other Nickolas Brendon. I broke out of my standard black and white graphite work, and drew up the portraits in color, using prisma pencil on a translucent vellum paper. They came out to my likeing, and drawing on a few more pieces from my cache of Buffy illustrations from my fan fic, I had the works mounted and matted, and then packed them safely away for travel.

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Nicholas Brendon Signing Autographs

Nicholas Makes A Funny Face

Mark Lutz, "Gru"

George Hertzberg, "Adam"

George, Again!

Anthony Stewart Head At The Mike

Tony Head and Robia LaMorte

More Tony and Robia

Tony's Smile

Tony Head Signs My Artwork

And The Art That Tony Signed

Tony Again!

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