Convention Events

Having never been to a convention before, I had very little idea of what type of events would be availble. Part of my curiosity was satisfied by talking with others who had already gone through the experience, though that still left me wondering just how I would fill my day. For those of you who have never attended a convention before, though I can't speak for all, I can show you what Vulkon had lined up for us at the Cleveland Buffy Con.

Friday's Events

4:00PM Registration Opens
Panel Discussion: Fred's New Role On Angel
6:00PM Karaoke Sign-Up
7:00PM Vulkon Art Show/Silent Auction Opens
Showing of BUFFY MUSICAL: Once More, With Feeling
Film Room Opens
Dealer's Room Opens (7-10PM)
7:30PM Cocktail Party with the Stars (Pre-Sold Tickets Only)
9:30PM Caritas Lounge Karaoke Contest

Saturday's Events

8:30AM Sale of Photo Session Tickets Opens
9:30AM Mercedes McNab Photo Session (Pre-Sold Tickets Only)
Registration Opens
10:00AM Anthony Stewart Head Photo Session (Pre-Sold Tickets Only)
Dealer's Room Opens
Gaming All Day In Various Rooms
Sunnydale Elementary Kids' Activites
11:00AM Mercedes McNab Autograph Session
Anthony Stewarat Head Autograph Session
NOON Panel Discussion: Faith & Spirituality with Robia La Morte
12:30PM SLAYER CON AUCTION with Fernando
Bid on Great Buffy and Angel Items
2:00PM MORENA BACCARIN Presentation
2:30PM ROBIA LA MORTE Presentation
3:00PM MERCEDES MCNAB Presentation/td>
5:00PM Masquerade Techinical Call
Panel Discussion: Way Off Broadway with Marena Baccarin
5:30PM Masquerade Presentation with Trophies
6:00PM Slayer Cruise 2005 Presentation
Panel Discussion: The Scooby Gang's Abandonment of the Angel Gang
8:00PM All-Star Banquet with Live Performance by Anthony Steward Head
(Pre-Sold Tickets Only)
9:30PM Vulkon Art Show/Silent Auction Ends
10:00PM Bronze Dance

Sunday's Events

9:00AM Registration Opens
Sale of Photo Session Tickets Opens
9:30AM Anthony Stewart Head Photo Session Opens (Pre-Sold Tickets Only)
Director's Workshop with Daniel Kay of Way Off Broadway (Tickets Required)
10:00AM Nicholas Brendon Photo Session (Pre-Sold Tickets Only)
Dealer's Room Opens
Sunnydale Elementary Kids Activites
10:30AM Art Sale and Auction Pick Up Opens
11:00AM Nick Brendon Autograph Session
Anthony Stewart Head Autograph Session
NOON Game: Sunnydale "Hollywood" Squares
Slayer Cruise 2005 Presentation
1:00PM MARK LUTZ Presentation
1:30PM GEORGE HERTZBERG Presentation
2:00PM MORENA BACCARIN Presentation
2:30PM NICHOLAS BRENDON Presentation
4:30PM Second SLAYER CON AUCTION with Fernando
5:00PM Way Off Broadway Special Theater Screening (Tickets Required)
6:00PM Dealer's Room Closes
Match Game

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