The Artwork I Had Autographed

I brought two portraits with me to the Cleveland covention. It had been a long time since I'd done any work of this kind, but I decided early on, rather that bring home the standard studio photos with the stars' autographs on them, I wanted something more personal to remember my visit. Thus, I came up with the idea of doing a portrait of the major stars appearing at the convention. Unfortunately, I got started late, and there wasn't quite enough time to do everyone, so I concentrated on Nicholas Brendon and Anthony Stewart Head.

I know it sounds vain, but I'm very proud of how the portraits turned out. They are both done with Prima color pencil on a transparent vellum paper. This is a technique that I discovered back in my student days. I like using the transparent vellum because I can apply the color to both sides. The color on the back side is more muted, and seems to glow through the color on the front. This allows me to create depth with tones that are less glaring and obvious, and I feel more lifelike, especially when applied in the context of skin tones. I always felt that adding pink to the flesh on top looked like so much blush, but by coloring from beneath, the underlying "blush" comes through more naturally, as if it were blood beneath the surface, and not make-up caked on the outer layer.

The technique also is useful when trying to achieve a subdued reflective shadow, or when adding more depth to an already dark surface shadow. It also just lends a certain richness to the hues within the work. Plus, I think it looks nicer, and I guess that's what counts in the end.

If you take a look at my Sunday report of what happended at the convention, you can read what Tony Head thought of his portrait. I was very pleased when he praised my work. Took me back to the days when my mother used to encourage me to draw. I felt on top of the world.

In the process of exploring my Buffy fanatacism, I discovered that there are lots of other websites out there devoted to Buffy fan art. Even Anthony Stewart Head's official webite had a gallery that features fan based art, and that includes not only original artwor, but computer generated art and photo manipulations, wallpapers, and the like. I, myself have submitted my work to Tony's website, and they've approved the pieces for "publishing". There apparently is a large turnover, so when the work does go up, it is for only a limited time. Still, I tell all my friends and have them go check it out.

For those who are curious, while the originals are not for sale, I have decided to experiment by running off some computer scanned copies of the works in question, plus others that I will be doing in the future. You will find these for sale in a section of this website that will be entitiled "Original Buffy Stuff For Sale". Please check back to see when it finally goes up.


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