Most of my work is done in graphite pencil. I enjoy drawing in black and white, sometimes on toned paper with added highlights, and at times, in pen and ink. I've tried my hadn at other media, but always felt that I had less control over my tools. The addition of color also seems to add a complication to my work, and I'm seldom happy with the results, though I have managed a few works that came out half decent. I've used colored pencil on vellum paper with some success. Watercolor frustrates me, and when the piece does work out, it's usually by accident and not design. Acrylic paints are easier to handle, and I try to use them in washes or semi-tranparentlayers, much as one would watercolors. The few paintings I've done are hanging in my own home. I love doing beach scenes, and have had the good fortune to visit several areas on the East Coast to do my landscape studies.

These illustrations, however, were inspired by my fanfiction. You might find few sketches here that are only generically Buffy, and that have no direct relation to any specific story, but for the most part, the ideas are based on my writings.

I'm not a particularly accomplished portraitist, but I do think I've got a fair grasp of anatomy. My work is a combination of pure imagination and poses based on photos that I find either in books and magazines, or on the web, so if I've used something that's recognizable as being from one of your sites, then please let me know, and I'll acknowledge your contribution to the finished product somewhere within this website. You'll find my e-mail address posted in the Lending Library section with my fanfiction.

I have selected a small sampling of my illustrations in various stages of their creation, and presented them with the photos that I used as my guides. A brief overview accompanies each work. These artwork examples are in the original black and white pencil. To prepare them as illustrations for my fanfiction I had to adjust the tinting with Photoshop, and then scale the size down to fit the pages. Most of the originals are 8X10 inches, or thereabouts.

To view the enlarged page, please click on the thumbnail. From there, you may need to enlarge the view again to fill your screen in order to read the print.

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