THIS PAGE IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION. This page will contain a timeline listing the slayers of history according to their mention in the Buffy TV series and the novels. A Grand Ol' Slayer Timeline


Or...What did you do during the apocalyse, Daddy?

After going thorough the various novels that have mentioned other slayers preceeding Buffy's calling, I decided to try my hand at putting together a timeline that named all the slayers, their watchers, and the timeframe in which they were active. These dates are only approximations. Sometimes only staring dates were declared, or the slayer's death was marked down, but not her length of service. While I intend to go back and tweak the exact times at some poing, for now I've simply filled in the years that I remember from the books. I'll be adding more names later as I re-read the novels.

*All Dates are AD unless otherwise noted*

? BC Africa? The First Slayer None
490 BC Greece Thessily Thessilonikki Thoas
980 Sagami Province, Japan Kishi Minomoto (Lady Shobu) Bennin / Lady Ankimon-in
1320 Beauport, Brittany, France Eliane Ward (Mrs. du Shaunde) Michel du Shaunde / Gaston Roux
1587 Roanoke Island, Virginia, USA Virginia Dare (White Doe) John White
1609 Hungary Ildiko Gellert Kurt Rendor
1661 The Caribbean Captain Robin Whitby William Henry Pratt
1670-1673 Holland? Carissa Avenhaus ?
1789 Paris, France Marie-Christine Du Lac Edmund de Voison
just prior to 1843 England Elizabeth (Edward?) Weston ?
1843 London, England Catherine Hogarth Charlton Muzzlewit
1864 Atlanta, Georgia, USA Pauline G. Branard (Frank Massey?) ? Reed / Edward Landers
1886 Kentucky, USA Mollie Prater Ethan Bentley
1897 London, England Angelique Professor Peter van Helsing
1922 New York City, New York, USA Ardita O'Reilly Mr. Whiskers?
1923 Munich, Germany Britta Kessler Friedrich Lichtermann
1943 Chicago, Illinois, USA Elizabeth (Betty) Winters Marcus Redmond
1956 Lake Okeechobee region, Florida Asha Sayre Laurent
1996 Los Angeles and Sunnydale, California, USA Buffy Anne Summers ?Merrick / Rupert Giles / Wesley Wyndham-Pryce / Rupert Giles

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