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These pages are devoted to my favorite television show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy Summers was the imaginative brainchild of one Joss Whedon. I first became acquainted with this quirky character through the 1992 movie directed by Fran Rubel Kuzui. Kristy Swanson starred as the blonde valley girl that slayed vampires, while Donald Sutherland had the part of her Watcher, Merrick. Rutger Hauer was the vampire heavy, and Luke Perry stood in as Buffy's love interest.

As a fan of the vampire genre, I like the idea of taking what would typically be the young blonde and hapless victim, and twisting the concept to make her out to be the heroine instead. Though mildly entertaining, the movie was a little too campy/tongue in cheek for my personal liking, and fell short of my expectations. Some years later, there was an announcement about a possible television series with the same plot. I was skeptical, interested, but the promos proved promising, so I tuned in for that first episode.

Fortunately, this new version, while still at times cheeky, had the darker overtones I had missed in the original movie. There were other changes. Buffy was now played by Sarah Michelle Gellar. The character's parents were now divorced, and while not entirely ignoring the movie ( a mention is made of Buffy burning down the Hemrey High School gymnasium ), our plucky heroine and her mother have relocated from LA to the fictional town of Sunnydale. Enrolled in a new school, one that just happens to have been constructed atop a Hellmouth, Buffy's hopes of resuming a normal life prove unattainable. Vampires and monsters of all kinds abound in Sunnydale,. There is also a new Watcher waiting for her. Rupert Giles, played by Anthony Stewart Head, replaces the deceased Merrick, and while at first Buffy rebuffs his authority over her, she inevitably is drawn back into her Chosen One calling, thus cementing her future of vampire slaying and world save-age

There was just enough bite in that first pilot story to bring me back for the next episode. Over the course of that first half season, I came to enjoy the exploits of Buffy and her new gang of friends. Xander was funny, and provided plenty of clever comical relief in moments of heavy stress. Willow was the shy and appealing computer savvy brainiac with the diabolical ability to hack her way into just about any secure website. Cordelia was the popular conceited girl with the acid tongue that everyone wanted to hate. And Giles, well, he stood as the adult voice of reason. Giles spouted all the complicated exposition dialogue in a properly articulated British accent that made all the craziness sound reasonable.

I have a confession to make. I was sold on Anthony Head as Giles from the very start of the series. He was the one actor with whom I was already familiar. I knew him from his sexy Nescafe coffee commercials, and another series I watched called VR5. Strangely enough, as Oliver Sampson, he was paired with another young blonde. Do I see a trend developing here?

But I digress.

For seven years this wonderful series held a prominent place in my television viewing life. On a weekly basis I devotedly followed the many writers, directors, various television industry crews, and cast of talented actors into the imaginative world of Buffy and the vampires and fantastic monsters she fought. It's now been several decades since Buffy the Vampire Slayer went off the air, and yet I continue to search the channels for any repeats that come along. Of course, I own the collection of DVDs, as well as its spin-off, Angel. I will occasionally pop an episode into my Blu-Ray player, and zone out on some serious Buffy viewage.

Like many other fans, I decided to try my hand at writing Buffy fanfiction. Yes, I realize these characters are not my property, or my creation, and that I could never expect any remuneration for what I wrote because of obvious legal copyright infringements. Still, I have read hundreds of other authors' works that have been posted on the internet, and since I have never heard of any retaliation from Joss Whedon or his people, I went ahead and took a whack at this obsessive thing called fanfic writing.

There is a massive collection of amateur authorship out there on the internet, a good deal of it about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its various characters. Some of it steers away from the original series by couplingthese imaginary people in ways the show did not, while others set up a completely alternate universe for these characters to live within.. As a beginning writer, I set myself a different goal. It was my aim to develop stories that would blend with the then ongoing television series. These unofficial tales were designed so that they could fit seamlessly between the aired episodes. I did my best not to make any significant change the characters, or their lives. The circumstances I put them in had to play out in such a way that Buffy and her friends could jump from Whedon's official show, into my stories, and then back again into the series with a smooth and believable timeline.

The result was my first fanfic story Youthful Indiscretions Version One. I had barely finished this work when the series threw me a curve, introducing the character of Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. Wesley replaced the recently fired Giles as Buffy's new Watcher. Instead of giving up on my story, I saw this as another opportunity to play with my plot line. Finishing my first version of Youthful Indiscretions with its original antagonist character, I then turned around and rewrote the piece adding Wesley. (See Youthful Indiscretions Version Two if this is more to your liking.).

Now that I had a fanfic ( well, technically two ), I wanted something that would make my stories a little bit different from others on the internet. Exploring another angle., I began to illustrate my work. ( You will find few, if any photos on this site. ) Now, I have seen other authors who use manipulated photos , and that is fine for them. Me? I wanted to create my own artwork. And yes, I do use photographs to do my drawings, many gleaned from the internet, so you can say I also manipulated photos. Where my work differs in that I also added and changed backgrounds, scenery, and tailored the clothing and positions in which I posed my people to suit my particular stories. ( Actually, come to think of it, that might also be seen as the same thing. Oh, well! ) Anyway, if you are interested in seeing how I created my artwork, please feel free to check out my Buffy Art page. It provides a little insight into how this art magic happens.

These first drawings were in pencil, with pen accents for depth of contrast. Since then I have moved on, and in my latest endeavors, I have tried my hand at adding some color.. I've also delved into expanding upon the story since the series ended. Like many, I had speculated what Buffy would do with her life after defeating The First, This website, Buffy and Giles: ReVamp'd , is my alternate version of a world that would take Buffy forward into her future. Many familiar characters made it along with her in these stories, which became one of the most ambitious projects I've ever attempted in my writing. Be forewarned, there are plenty of original friends and villains added to the old familiar cast, as well as the usual one off incidental people one has to create to vex, or assist their characters in everyday life.

From the heading on this website, you will no doubt guess who my two favorite characters in the series were.

Buffy and Giles!

And to this day, my personal views have not changed. The slayer and her Watcher are, and always will be characters for whom I hold an intense interest, and more than simply a passing devotion, Television shows have come and gone since Buffy the Vampire Slayer went off the air. Many have been written within the vampire genre, but I have yet to find another that I can so wholeheartedly immerse myself, and which has inspired me to write.

Buffy and Giles were such an unlikely pair,. I saw them as a perfect example of how opposites can complement each other. Buffy is young, impetuous, and sharply aware of each new trend in fashion and culture. Inexperienced in life and love, she approaches both with the passion of someone hungry to make the most out of what she encounters, and unmindful of how either might eventually bring pain..

n comparison, Giles is sedate, older ( not old!), and wiser. Not only in the things he learns from his books, but in the ways life itself. He researches and reasons his way carefully through situations, and seems, at least on the surface, and certainly in Buffy's eyes, unmindful of his appearance, and what others may think of him.

Of course, as the series continues to unfold, we come to know none of these things are truly indicative of who the slayer and her Watcher are as characters. Various circumstances reveal that the two hold more in common than either would care to admit.

It was this complex relationship between the two that first inspired my love for them both. Of course, I had my own vision of what was going on between the two, and that opinion shifted and grew as the series went forward. I became so enamored of the pair together, that when in the latter seasons, Anthony Head went on his hiatus, I was unsure, and very concerned as to how the story line would eventually work out.

I so missed Giles in those seasons where he wasn't prominent. Needless to say, I cheered every time he made an appearance. While I love Buffy and her young friends, and enjoy their quick and witty exchange of dialogue, I was born to an older generation, and the character Giles just hit a wonderfully familiar note with my life. I once worked in a clerical capacity for a very large city library, so books became very important to my life, and are to this day still a great source of joy to me. This was one reason that led to my focusing on Buffy's relationship with her Watcher in my ReVamp'd stories. In these fanfictions, I imagined a life for my two favorite fantasy people, one where they continue to explore their ever changing relationship, and interact within their semi-separate lives..

Now, before all you shippers out there start having conniptions about who to pair with who, and should Buffy love this man, or vampire, or whatever, please understand, that I haven't set out to write anything along those lines. Buffy and Giles both are unattached in my ReVamp'd, at least for the moment. If you think you see anything else going on, trust me, it's all in your head, and not mine. This is fine by me, as long as it makes you happy, and it stays there.

Also, at this point, several disclaimers must be made. The first is the usual about not owning rights to Buffy and the various characters from the series.. I know that all that belongs to someone else. I do not own anything within the Buffyverse creation, nor the legal rights to any part of any franchise that has risen from it. Furthermore, I would like to state that I do not to make any money from these stories. There is no remuneration involved except for the self-satisfaction I receive in the process of writing and completing a story, and then sharing it with you, the reader. All I ask is that you enjoy these simple offerings in the light by which they were given.

Secondly, an apology in advance to anyone from Great Britain. I have a very limited familiarity with your culture ( a casual friend in college years ago, and a brother-in-law of a sister-in-law ). Much of what I write about Giles I picked up from either the series, movies, or various sites on the internet. So, please be kind, and tolerant of any cultural mistakes I may have made. Don't send me hate mail because I buggered the story, and got it all wrong. I've read your fanfic, and you don't always get the American details exactly correct. So, take a deep breath. Let the anger go. Tell yourself she meant well. In my defense, the man's been here in these United States for the better part of seven years! He's had to deal with living among us Americans, and surely you can allow that while he'll never truly assimilate, he's picked up at least some of our bad habit along the way. Think of it as a cultural survival technique. After all, Buffy can pretty much talk Giles into almost anything, no matter how unnatural it would be for him So, unless you can confine your criticism to something constructive, please keep the flaming comments to yourselves! It's what I do when I read your stuff.

Again...these stories are intended for the express purpose of your enjoyment, and the sanity I gain by setting them down in print. I hope they bring you some pleasure. Please feel free to check back to this website from time to time as I hope to continue with my stories for Buffy and Giles in ReVamp'd, adding more pictures when I can.

Thank you for visiting the webpages of Buffy and Giles: ReVamp'd..

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