What's For Dinner?

When I began writing myBuffy and Giles: ReVamp'd fanfic, I found an underlining, and fully unintentional theme occurring within some of the stories. When Buffy wasn't busy training slayerettes in the gym, and Giles wasn't teaching in the classroom, or doing paperwork in his library, it seemed I was often putting my characters in the kitchen, or at the dinner table.

I grew up with a family that gathered nightly around the dining table. It was a place where we not only shared a communal meal, but we discussed the interesting points of our day. It was where we held debates, celebrated events, and on rare occasions, we debated and argued and settled our differences. Later, when my husband and I had started our own family, we continued that tradition,.

Nowadays, it's only hubby and me sitting at the table. It's still a place where we decompress, and share the highlights of the day we spent apart. Guess some things never change.

Anyway., I found myself writing Buffy and Giles doing some of those same things. After spending a few stories inside their heads writing dialogue, I guess they began to feel like family, too. So there you have it. our Scoobies will continue to gather around for scenes of exposition, and while at times the location may be the library, or down at the dorm, I can promise they will be spending a lot of time in that kitchen preparing dinner.

They say write what you know.. Well, I guess I know a bit about food. I've spent the better part of my lifetime preparing meals for my family. I've got tons of cookbooks, and watch all sort of cooking shows, and along the way, I've picked up quite a few recipes. Naturually, when I needed Buffy or Giles to fix dinner, I borrowed from my own dinners. I'll make the assumption that since you're here, you have at least a passing interest in what all eat.

In the following section, you will find a few recipes for those meals I've imagined Buffy and Giles preparing in their kitchen. I've arranged them in the order in which they appear within ReVamp'd, and marked each one as to the chapter and book from which it came. I hope you try one or two, and enjoy them.


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