Here at the Westcliffe Oceanside Academy for Girls, your daughters are more than our students


They are family.

We are a community of supplemental learning with a focus on basic academics, with additional instruction in mixed martial arts and fitness. Our unparalleled courses are designed to enrich the lives of our young charges, and enable them to face those difficult or unusual situations they will encounter within today’s complicated world.

Through our unique curriculum, the Westcliffe Oceanside Academy for Girls provides instruction of the highest caliber. We emphasize critical thinking skills, a free exchange of ideas, and most importantly, the ability to confront a life crisis with courage, self-reliance, and an aptitude to lead others. Our academy offers young women a firm foundation in secondary school level academics, as well as several select college preparatory courses. We provide individual tutoring to our students in a wide variety of subjects, with a special emphasis on history of the ancient world, spiritual development within our civilization, and various worldwide cultures. Our staff works closely with the outside institutions in which our students have their primary enrollment, fostering a smooth transition between facilities, and ensuring academic progress does not suffer any disruption through a change in venue.

Parents may rest assured their daughters will gain confidence in their personal lives, as well as any career they eventually choose. More importantly, our graduates will join a unique and growing family, one that includes other young women with great potential, as well as a team of dedicated instructors that pledge to provide a lifetime of guidance and support in the various endeavors of our students.

Our dedicated staff will cover a curriculum that is devoted to both mind and body, as well as keeping each student up to date with the basic studies and lessons provided by their school of origin. Our class size is limited. There is currently a projected ration of four instructors for each ten students, with the additional assignment of a personal mentor upon graduation to watch over each student as necessary in their future vocation.

<>Most importantly, our aim is to provide these educational services in an environment designed to foster friendship, and retain the importance of the family unit within the student’s life.

The Campus.

Visitors are welcome at the Westcliffe Oceanside Academy for Girls. Private tours of the facilities may be arranged through appointment with the staff.

The academy is located in a secluded private neighborhood that is part of the ocean side community of Westcliffe, California. The town supports such typical amenities as hotels, restaurants, public parks, and transportation, as well as several unique specialty shops, along with a tri-town mall. Information concerning other town businesses, and the procurement of bus passes, and any public transportation fees may be obtained by accessing the Westcliffe website.

A family centered dormitory provides an on-campus living arrangement, and includes use of a gymnasium, shared laundry room, and area for entertainment and video viewing. Group dining facilities are available, as well as a fully appointed modern kitchen. Students are expected to prepare their own meals, with any necessary guidance and instruction available from our helpful staff. A generously stocked pantry will be provided at no additional cost, and any special dietary requirements will be accommodated when given advanced announcement, and written instructions provided by the student.

A private pool is located on the campus premises, and public beaches with ocean side swimming are within easy walking distance of the property. In addition, there are numerous trails available for hiking, a pubic conservatory garden, a natural history museum, and a cultural center with community theatre productions, along with a gallery that features local artists.

Student Educational Resources

Our students have access to several excellent public libraries in town, plus an extensive collection of textbooks within the classroom. There is also a private library of antique books available on the premises, which the student may access with supervision.

In addition, the school recommends several excellent facilities that are available in neighboring towns. Their use is subject to the policies of each institution, and transportation can be provided by WOAG upon clearance with the staff.

Westcliffe Historical Society

Westcliffe Town Hall Library

North Huntington Public Library

Canyon Mesa Public Library

Each enrollee will be provided with all necessary textbooks for our courses, as well as an individual computer for their personal use. As a bonus, students will be eligible to own their computer without additional remuneration upon graduation from their studies.

Eligibility for Admissions and Registration

While the Westcliffe Oceanside Academy for Girls is centered around the needs of young women, it believes in diversity, and any qualified candidate may apply for admission, subject to the institution’s requirements for entry. Eligibility will be determined through interviews, and the date for the registration of accepted students will be at the discretion of the school, and based upon classroom space availability.

Our Staff

Here at Westcliffe Oceanside Academy for Girls we have a small, but select directory of personnel. Each instructor brings with them a diverse background that touches on the many aspects of academia for which we are known at WOAG,. Our teachers excel at unique abilities that range from physical skills in martial arts, an extensive knowledge in swordsmanship, and the enlightened disciplines of yoga and meditation.

Individual personnel further promote academic pursuits in the fields of history, world culture and various languages, both currently used as well as classical and ancient origins. Since our staff comes to us from a wide range of educational backgrounds, we can offer students an educational opportunity that rivals the curriculum of higher level institutions. The staff also includes a member who formerly served as a curator at an internationally renowned museum, allowing us to expose our students to a perspective on the world like no other..

To learn more about our curriculum, staff, or how to apply for admission to WOAG, please feel free to contact us at our facility in Westcliffe, California either by phone at ###-###-####, through our e-mail address, or by writing us at the following address:

1313 Raven Heights Extension
Westcliffe, California #####

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