Magick and Spells in the ReVamp'd World


As in the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, magick continues to be a major element within the famfiction of the ReVamp'd world.

While all the core characters possess the ability to cast a simple spell, ( and have done so within the context of the original series ), the bulk of spell casting falls to our resident wiccan, Willow Rosenberg. The character first developed an interest in this talent early on during the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series,. She started with simple spells like floting pencils, and turning ice into fire ( not to be done on a bedspread! ).

By the time Willow had graduated high school, she could ensoul a vampire, cast glamours and spells of invisibility, as well as dozens of other impressive magicks. She continued her interest in her college years, and though her proficiency was spotty at times, she quickly improved.

This was especially true when her powers were combined with those of her girlfriend, and fellow wiccan, Tara Maclay. Together, the two witches expanded on their knowledge of magicks, gradually casting more advanced spells. Unfortunately, as Willow's abilities grew, so did her dependency on using magicks. No longer content to reserve her talents to helping out the Scoobies, she became dependent upon spells to make her life simpler, and to magick away her problems.

This proved a detriment to herself, and at times, a danger to the others around her,. This addiction of using spells to twist events and circumstances to suit her own desires led Willow down a dark path, and in time, to her emotional downfall. She convinced her Scooby companions to help her resurrect Buffy from the grave,.. Though Giles, and Tara warned her about the risks she took using these dark powers, she persisted in her casting, her decency growing steadily worse until she lost any control over her addiction.

Later, when Tara was murdered, Willow again attempted to alter what had happened with magicks. When the Powers That Be of the Netherword refused her request, she rebelled, gave herself completely over to the dark side, and went magickally ballistic. She attempted to exact her grief upon the world, nearly annihilating it and humanity, including her friends, in the process.

Luckily, the world had the Scoobies to set Willow straight. They managed to pull her back from the edge of self-destruction, and after a difficult recovery phase, she learned the key to moderation, and now safely practices her spells again, aiding her fellow Scoobies in the fight again evil.

While Willow has an undeniable talent for spells, she isn't the only Scooby that can do magick. At one time or another, each of the Scoobies has tried their hand at an incantation or two, but it is Giles, however, who has shown a true proficiency in the art. It is tempting to say he learned this skill at conjuring as a consequence of his training as a Watcher, but it was revealed that, much like Willow, Giles went through a difficult period during his youth where he abused his ability to perform magicks. However, as a Watcher, and an older and wiser adult, though he possessed the capability and knowledge, Giles chooses to use his talents only when deemed necessary, and usually steps aside, allowing Willow to cast and do the research for most spells..

Below you will find a section that covers the spells, incantations and various magicks used and discussed with the pages of ReVamp'd. I have done my creative best to make these spell ssound plausible, and perhaps a bit dramatic but simply because they are used within the context of my fanfiction, it in no way an implication that they will work in real life.

.I can not stress the following statements enough.

These are not actual spells! They can not, and will not accomplish any of their fictionally intended results!

And of course, the old stand-by Do not under any circumstances try this at home, or anywhere else on this planet!


If you believe in magick and its possibilities, please consult a reputable source for your castings. Everything written in these pages is pure fiction. The stories, the characters, most of the places and events, and especially the magick.

Again, I hope that you find the following collection of spells interesting, and entertaining.



Incidentals required for the spell

Red sacred sand Purple candle Multiple white candles Matches or something to light candles Brazier Herbs: sage, cardamom, angelica Optional crystals: Amethyst, Tiger's Eye, Amazonite, Lapis Lazuli, Onyx, Ditrine, Peridot Sapphire

Start by forming a protective circle with red sacred sand. Place the shallow brazier in the center. Participants sit within the circle with their designated positions forming a secondary human circle around the brazier.

Light all candles. The cursed principal with memory loss holds the purple taper, while all others a white candle. Crystals may be added to enhance the spell's power. These may include, but not be restricted to: Amethyst for protection, Tiger’s Eye for grounding, Amazonite for peace and harmony, Lapis Lazuli for truth and awareness, Onyx for self control and wise decisions, citrine for happiness, peridot for understanding and protection, and sapphire for joy and intuition.

After the candles are lit, smoke the herb mix within the brazier. Suggested herbs include sage for wisdom, cardamom for concentration of psychic powers, and angelica for aiding in the departure of evil spirits.

With everything smoking and burning, and the participants focusing their psychic energies on their respective candle flames, the following chant is performed by the affected.

***spoken in Scottish Gaelic***

Deadhan nan seann fhead hainnn a thàining mus do rugadh mi a dh’fhuiricheas gu bràth air mo bhàs fuireach anns na coilltean agus na h-uisfeachan gu bràth ann an àm.

Gods of the old one who came before my birth, who will remain forever beyond my death to live in the forests and waters for all time.

Leig leis an fhirinn a tha mi a ‘sireadh à nochdadh dhomh fhin.

Let the truth that I seek reveal itself to me.

Far a bheil dall, leig dhomh fhaicinn


Where I am blind, let me see.

Cuir an fhirinn air leth agus na laighe mar sin tha na tha falaìchte a ‘tighainn a-steach donmt-solas.

Separate the turn and lies so what is hidden comes into the light.

Seall seo a-nis gu mo shùileanl.

Show this to me


Mar sin gluaisidh e e.

So mote it be.

At this point there is a brilliant flash of light, which will clear to reveal the face of he/she who is stealing the memory formed within the tendrils of smoke rising from the brazier. The Truth is Revealed.

A SPELL TO SEE IF MAGICK WAS RECENTLY USED UPON A PERSON. Note: This spell is not to reveal who is the caster, but to confirm which of the casters is affected. .

Incidentals required for the spell

Chalk Four white taper candles Quartz stones corresponding to the four compass points: Two mortars and two pestles Brimstone powder Sacred Sand Herbs: mugwort, sage, snake root chips Dragon candle

Starting with a piece of chalk, draw a large protective circle, sized so that all casters can comfortably sit within its boundaries.

Lay out the four white tapers at the four directional compass points. Accompany each with a quartz stone of relevant color.

Place the brimstone powder in one mortar and add a portion of sacred sand. Grind to a fine consistency, and set aside.

In the second mortar combine mugwort, sage, a touch of snake root chips and the rest of the sacred sand. Grind to a powder


Distribute contents of the two mortars to the two more powerful casters. The fifth candle, which is cast in the image of an entwining, dragon, is held by the one suspected of being cursed. This person of interest enters into the circle’s center between the others.

After throwing out a healthy pinch of the sand, the first participating caster will read the following line alone.

Thespia, nos autem ambulabimus in umbra, nos autem abulabimus in caecitate, tu es protecctor noctis.

The second participating caster will throw out a pinch of their sand, and read the following line alone.

Thespia, dea, cunctorum tenebrae, oramus te. Aperi fenestram in mundo inferior deos.

Both participants will recite the last portion together.

Cum tua scientia, ut nos in salute, cum tua gratia, ut nos loqui tua benevolentia. Cum lux vestra, dimette me videre.

Closing their eyes, all in the circle concentrate, while the two principal casters repeat the following three times. With your light, let me see.

Upon opening their eyes, the participants will see the truth revealed. If the suspected is cursed they will glow as a demonstration they are under magicks’ influence. No glow, no curse.

SPELL TO REMOVE AN UNKNOWN OR SUSPECTED HEX FROM A PERSON Used by: Giles Book and Chapter Used: Supplies and Conditions required for the Casting: Solitude space for the ritual. White material to fashion a poppet, or effigy of the suspected victim. Vertiver herbs to stuff the moppet. A purple candle, something to scribe on the candle, patchouli oil, something to light the candle, and garlic powder. Literary Passage: Then collecting the shopping bag containing the magic supplies he had bought, plus a few extra essentials, and the appropriate candle, he made certain he was not followed, and retreated to the basement to perform his spell. Turning on the lights, he made his way to the chamber with a sign on its door declaring it to be “Willow’s Spell Space”. From a shelf at the room’s perimeter, he found a small rug, and laying it on the concrete floor, settled down to do his spell. He started by stitching a small and slightly crude effigy of his own person using a white cotton handkerchief, and thread. Before finishing the miniature moppet, he stuffed it with the vertiver herb he had purchased earlier. The earthy, sensual scent of the grassy herb filled his nose as he completed this somewhat tedious task, and satisfied, he sealed the little doll before placing upon a makeshift altar he set up. Next, using a stylus, he carefully scribed his name upon a purple candle. He then anointed the candle with patchouli oil before setting it safely in a dish upon the altar near the moppet. Lighting the wax pillar, he waited as the wick caught hold of the flickering fire and began to burn in a steady, mesmerizing flame. Dispensing a palm full of garlic powder he’d taken from the kitchen, he paused, and taking a calming breath, carefully meditated upon the hex he suspected he was under, visualizing it power being broken as he gently sprinkled the pungent powder over the items on the altar before him. That done, Giles forced himself to relax. He kept his thoughts r clear and serene as he waited for the candle to slowly burn down to a stub. Once it sputtered out with a last weak glimmer of light, he exhaled all the last bits of tension that had gathered in his body, satisfied that he’d broken any hex that may have been placed upon his person. “And so mote it be,” he muttered softly aloud to the empty chamber. ________________________________________ SPELL TO RETURN A CURSED PERSON TO THEIR ORIGINAL FORM Malleable flesh of man, now twisted from its natural form; To your flawed, original human state revert. Neither spell, nor charm, nor curse may erase the first; Now face, now heart, now soul all reassert. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Not Yet Used: Take 4 oz. of the blood of a black dog, 2 oz. each of the blood of a pig and a pig’s brain, 1 oz. of a donkey brain. Mix all these together until well blended, and give this to someone in their food or drink and he will hate you. _____________________________________________________________________________________ “A Crazy Little Thing Called Love” Chapter 16 “A Little Night Magick” ( A spell to discern/rule out if magick was recently used upon a person of interest – spell will not reveal who is the caster, only who was affected ).