An Obligatory Site Disclaimer

The following is intended as a personal, official and legal disclaimer for any and all materials created for, and displayed within the website Buffy and Giles: ReVamp'd.

Buffy and Giles: ReVamp'd is a website dedicated to the memory of my favorite television program, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. From its original conception as a 1992 movie, to the airing of the first episode of the television series, and then through to its very end, this particular piece of fiction remains a show that will forever live on in my imagination. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and its many associated characters, has served as the inspiration for the accompanying collection of original fan fiction collected within this site, as well as the source for most of the featured artwork.

That having been said, I do not own any of the characters originally associated with the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie, or the television show of the same name. Nor do I profess to hold any legal connection with, or intention to profit from the existence of any work found on this website. These humble webpages are the result of fan driven devotion only. They are meant solely to provide entertainment, and to act as a creative outlet for my fevered thoughts. To release the voices within my head, I have taken the liberty of borrowing from Joss Whedon’s ingenious conception. It is my hope, should he ever stumble upon and read anything put forth within this website, that he doesn’t mind what I have done with his wondrous characters. Please forgive me, Mr. Whedon.

Further, my own work is not intended in any way as a criticism of his imagination, which I heartily applaud. Neither is it meant to say he lacks proper vision for his legal property. If any of that were true, Buffy the Vampire Slayer would not have developed into the ongoing phenomenon that it remains some umpteen years after its original inception.

Now as to those various other works produced and published in conjunction with the television series and its original movie..

In designing this website, and its accompanying stories and artwork, I have deviated from the accepted canon of imaginative World of Buffy. I have chosen to ignore most of the accompanying books published by noted authors associated with the series, as well as any graphic fiction falling under the umbrella of Dark Horse Comics. While the premise behind these body of works stands on their own, the fanfiction on this site moves in another direction, manipulating and engaging Whedon’s characters in an alternate universe of my own creation. It is a world that picks up at the very instant where the television series ended, and then moves on from that moment into a new life, one shared by the slayer and her Watcher, along with their friends and family..

Again, these stories are intended strictly for the purpose of your personal enjoyment. I receive no profit or remuneration from anything posted within these webpages. My only reward is the sanity I gain from putting them down in print, and the hope they may bring you some small modicum of pleasure in your reading. Please feel free to check back from time to time as it is my plan to continue the saga of Buffy and Giles: ReVamp’d, adding more pictures whenever possible.

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