Where to Find Your Bonus Read, and How it Works within Your ReVamp'd Story

To borrow the catch phrase of a famous comedic character from late night television There’s always something!. In ReVamp'd that something resulted in an unfortunate glitch between the writing and eventual website posting of my fanfiction.

When I first considered the idea of a story about Buffy and Giles living an alternate life that took place after the series ending, I had a number of stories rattling around in my head, most centering on nothing more than various small plot diversions. It was all sort of a chaotic literary jumble, and I had no definitive reasoning behind the circumstances in which I wished to place my characters. Nor was there any specific time line to the brainstorm flow of all those thoughts. I could see this disorganization leading to countless problems when it came time to start any actual writing. So for the sake of my sanity, and to provide at least some semblance of continuity to the unfolding plotline, I decided to layout ReVamp': using as my guide the plot arcs presented by Buffy the Vampire Slayer during the original television season.

Like most fanfiction writers, I use a computer to put my stories out there on the internet. While I can't speak for others, I have a small confession to make concerning my own writing habits. I'm a bit old-fashioned, and like to start a fiction by organizing my thoughts. This usually translates into scribbling any ideas down in longhand on actual paper. I then assemble these notes, which often consist of page after page of disassociated thoughts on scraps of paper, or rambling listings within a notebooks, and I lay these idea around me so I can pick and choose to come up with an eventual outline for my fanfic.

I used this same process of organizing ideas to create a story arc for ReVamp'd, but on a larger scale, or course. It was my intention to have this collective of ideas become unified, and I would do this through an underlying plot that wove its way through multiple stories. That undertaking proved at time difficult for an amateur writer like myself, but I hope that I have succeeded in this ambitious literary quest.

One problem that immediately presented itself was the shear length to this extended story line. I simply had too many ideas I wanted to use, and they all seemed important in setting up this alternate Buffy and Giles universe. At first, this glut of creativity was encouraging. However, as I put my stories into print, I began to realize I was devoting too many on little personal scenes playing out between the characters. While some may say that isn't a bad thing, these pages were not necessarily advancing my characters through the bigger picture of my intended plot. I began to think of these extra bits as Buffy Fluffy Stuffers, but that was such a ridiculous term, I finally settled on calling them Bonus Reads.

Admittedly, these small vignettes of Buffy and Giles' lives were fun to write, and while it pained me to cut even one of these chapters, I decided to sacrifice my ego in favor of keeping my original story to some semblance of a reasonable length. Unfortunately, even after making these painful cuts, that first story was nearly fifty chapters long. There was a lot of ground being covered in this initial set up of my ReVamp'd series, so I decided that like in the tradition of a season premier, I split the story into two separate episodes.

To fully understand where I am going with my fanfiction, I advise that you read these two stories ( Life Goes On and School Daze ) in the order that I have presented them. This will help keep everything in its proper chronological order. The same tip follows for each subsequent fanfiction in the ReVamp'd collection. However, it is ultimately your choice, and your thought process, so if you wish to veer off the beaten track and believe you don''t need to take things iin exact order, feel free to skip forward to any story that catches your interest.

Now, back to all that precious material I claim to have cut out of my fanfiction. I had grown attached to these works, not to mention the time I put into them, and I could not find it in my heart send them into the permanent recycling bin. If you believe you may find them worth reading, then you are in luck! I have come up with a solution. It is called a Bonus Reads, and you will find them from time to time within the stories posted on this website. They are listed the main story index, and may be acessed directly at that point, or as a second option, as you progress from one chapter to the next, you may choose the Bonus Readoption at the bottom of the page, or skip directly to the next intended chapter. The choice is yours. These Bonus Reads are not absolutely vital to the main fanfiction. For those who decide to forego the offering, I have done my best to briefly summarize any necessary details within the opening paragraphs of the subsequent chapter offered,. I promise you will not be left wondering what is going on, or find an unreasonable jump in the plot line.

Of course, those of you who do indulge in these Bonus Reads, you will find some small additional adventures for our favorite Scoobies, and their new friends. After all, that is the point of these stories.

I hope that I have adequately explained what a Bonus Read is, and how to negotiate it within my fanfiction. Thank you for your patience, and Happy Reading!

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