For loyal viewers of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, May 20. 2003 marked the end of an important hour in our weekly television viewing. We dedicated fans all know who survived the last episode, and who didn't make it out of the Hellmouth alive. There is no denying, it was fun and exciting while it lasted. Still, there are some of us for whom one burning question went unanswered at the end.

What happens next?

Lovers of all things Buffy and Giles. Prepare yourself. They're back!

Here in these webpages you will find original stories featuring my own private alternate reality in which I take Buffy and Giles through their special relationship as slayer and Watcher. They will continue to discover their unique and growing affection for each other as friends, and make new acquaintances along the way.. While others may have their ideas, and argue who went where, did what, and with whom, this section of collected fanfiction is my response to one such possibility.. In ReVamp'd, I have resurrected Buffy and Giles, as well as many of their Scooby friends, Here they share a new life, one that takes up after the conclusion of the original television series. Of course,. I have planned some big changes for them now that the Hellmouth has been officially shut down.

Or has it?

With the latest apocalypse a thing of the past, our heroes are ready to move on from their old stomping ground of Sunnydale, but not too far away. Unfortunately, while they may have found a new town in which to live out their exciting and rollicking adventures, they are about to discover that the old Sunnydale Hellmouth rules haven't changed< And while I appreciate that Dark Horse Comics has continued the series in their graphic novels, I have chosen to ignore their offered story line in my own private universe. This is not to be interpreted as a condemnation of any kind toward their creativity, nor is it a negative opinion of anything they have published. Since I originally began my first story before seeing any of theirs, I simply decided to ignore what they have written. Many accept these works to be the new Buffy canon, including Joss Whedon, who has made his own contributions to the ongoing series. However, I choose to live in my special little Buffy and Giles world instead. What does this mean to you dear reader? Well, if something wasn't mentioned during the television series, or written within my own stories from that same timeline, then as far as this website is concerned, it didn't happen.

I have also given myself permission to creatively fill in many of the missing blanks concerning the backgrounds of the main characters. This means I have introduced additional facts and stories to further expand upon their lives, using creative licence to fill in any necessary ( to me ) blanks. These include the names of relatives the television series may have only alluded to in passing, as well as other significant events I created to expound upon these characters' individual pasts,. If you wish to read more concerning these additions, please check out my Who's Who in the Core Cast of ReVamp'd page for biographies covering the main characters in ReVamp'd

Be warned! There are possible new romantic involvements in store for some of our Scoobies in ReVamp'd. Some are imagined, others merely hopeful. Not all are successful, so there may be a few heartaches in the making.. Yes, it's a new and exciting "Life after the Hellmouth" for our Scooby Gang., a life designed according to my warped imagination, and one that I hope you find entertaining.

Once again, I hope that you enjoy the fanfiction I have written. I certainly had fun creating them for you.

The illustrations that accompany these fanfictions are of my own creation and design. I do acknowledge the use of photographs from various books and magazines in my possession, as well works I have downloaded from the internet. I wish that I could say where I found all these sources, but sadly, I'm not organized enough t to credit each and every one.
I'm not sure how legal copyrights work. I trust no one visiting this site will abuse the posted artwork. I have signed and dated the originals. I only ask that any copying of said work is done for personal and/or private use. I have worked hard on these pieces, and though I am not a professed portraitist, I believe I successfully captured the characters, and am proud of what I've managed to accomplish with a simple piece or paper, some pencils, and the help of my computer.
I plan to continued adding illustrations over time. Feel free to check on my progress. For now, please check the link The Art in My Buffyverse for additional artwork, and information on how these pieces were created...


PAIRINGS: Willow is with Kennedy. Xander is grieving the recent demise of Anya. Dawn is interested in boys, but not in avid pursuit mode. Buffy and Giles are unattached and very available. The emphasis here is on a Buffy and Giles working friendship, though at times other characters may see more beyond this coupling.


SUMMARY: And so it begins.. . . again!

The Scooby Gang has been victorious over The First Evil's attempt to wipe out the slayer line. Now that the dust has settled, it's time for our friends to move on with their lives. There are romances to nurture, friendships to re-establish, and trusts that require mending before the Scooby Gang can be made whole again. It's all about picking up the pieces, and moving on with life in a new reality, and that may prove to be the scariest threat any of them has has had to face.

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